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Krisztina Specializes in the Oak Park Area...and Lives There!!

I not only specialize as a Real Estate Agent in the Oak Park area (in 2011, I had 14 Oak Park Listings)...I live here!! I love this neighbourhood. Its design gives privacy in the backyard while the front porches give you the social factor. It makes it easy to get to know your neighbours. Green space is close at hand for dogwalking, baseball & soccer fields are there for kids, the hub of North Oakville Shopping (Dundas & Trafalgar) is practically at your doorstep and the 403, 407 & QEW are minutes away. Perfect!! Take a look at some of my videos, each of which is accompanied with a transcription below!

Take a Video Tour of Oak Park with Krisztina...

Krisztina: Oak Park is a fantastic community its very neighbor friendly it enhances that we don’t have the garages in the front, the garages in the back, so your backyard is a little bit smaller but it is enhancing communication with your neighbors.

We are in the west end of Oak Park you can see the water runoff here. Quite a lot of people bring their pooches for a long walk. And some people that prefer bird watching we actually have some rare bird nesting, or hanging out around the ponds.

Tamara: I love Oak Park for the people friendly community.  The fact that the garages are behind the houses and the fact the houses are so close to the sidewalk truly lends to people talking to each other. If you’re out in your garden and you’re only three feet away from whoevers walking by on the sidewalk you have to say hi and pet their dog and talk to their child and it makes you get to know your neighbors.

Krisztina: So most of the time you spend on the front porch, when you have kids - Quite a few kids playing street hockey or just hanging out. The backyards are amazing. This community as you can see is a little different. It has nicer streetscape. The garages aren’t sticking out. And because your garage is in the back you have a little more privacy.  Smaller backyards but the backyards are charming, private great for entertaining. And what I love about it when I come home from work I can just sit down, and I don’t have huge maintenance.  

Tom Chaffee: Actually we like the architecture mostly. WE like the fact that its on a quarter of a full circle, we like the fact that there are separate garages and we LOVE the three story layout.

Krisztina: Oak Park is completed with three different parks. One is the top end of Roxton. This part with the baseball diamond actually between the two schools. Both of these schools are catholic and the elementary school is ranked very high in Halton region

Tom and Shannon: Where would we go? We’d go to the Keg, We’d go to the Keg first, and maybe the Spoon and Fork after that, and there’s a new one called...where you can get a nice risotto, at the fortinas place? El Forina, Il Forine, over across from the superstore.

Krisztina: Oak Park is a very convenient location for runners, for rollerbladers, and for moms who take long walks. From this location actually you can connect to the trails going down within the ravine system.  You can access downtown Oakville, shopping walking. Quite a few of my clients, when I bring them for open houses they go down here and spend their afternoon in downtown Oakville. Uh, the trails go all the way through Oakville so you can choose different areas, different trails,  and you can run all the way to the water without interruption.

Richard Cook: Hi my name is Richard Cook I’m a resident of Oak Park and uh, I’ve always lived in detached houses all my life and was a little hesitant coming here because of the closeness and the mix of the town homes and that, but I’m truly finding this just like a neighborhood very close and family oriented as I grew up. I grew up in Etobicoke and if we weren’t playing at my house we were playing at my friends’ house and I see that with the children running up and down the street everyone seems to have an eye on them and having a look out for them, for their best interests. It’s just a really great family community and I’m really pleased to be here.

Krisztina: One of the things I also really like about Oak Park, it doesn’t matter which street youre walking on, you can see the pride of ownership. And in Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, great way to meet your neighbors, doing your lawn doing some landscaping, almost everybody’s out there, everyone’s very friendly. Some of the people even share plants, they share gorgeous flowers, and when you’re away your neighbors usually cut your grass. So it is a lovely feeling, the whole neighborhood is very, very safe and you always have somebody to say hello to you.

Dining and restaurants are conveniently close as well. I love the Thai restaurant: the Fork and Spoon. It’s always great service, the food is excellent. The other area that I usually pop in for lunch or early dinner is the pita nutsy: fantastic shawarma, great service.

If you want to dine a little bit further, downtown Oakville has some absolutely fabulous dining. Starting from Greek, to Mediterranean to Steak, you’ll find anything. If you’re looking for great breakfast you can go to Dynasty on Dundas.

Home décor as well of course you will find everything. “House Warmings”, “House Nesting”,” The Morrison House”, lots of great decorating places. 

Very convenient to get downtown, and not only via highways, but the go train is also five minutes away. If you get in a traffic jam in the morning that 5 minutes could become 15.

Oak Park is a very versatile community besides the freehold, townhouses, semi and fully detached homes we have actually four towers, of condo buildings. The third and fourth towers are under development, so it is becoming a real urban hub. Oak Park is being developed as the uptown Oakville core.

Terry: Oak Park for us has been definitely a transition, we moved from a larger home with a really large lot and that was one of the reasons we wanted to move. We wanted to stay in the area and Krisztina suggested that we take a look at Oak Park. Not that we knew a lot about it previously, but once we were here, it is absolutely lovely.

The neighborhood is very nice people take care of their homes and the gardens are lovely.  The neighbors, there’s children; there’s a real mix of people. There are some seniors, there are some people without children there’s family with children with dogs and it’s a very close kind of community.

We’re very comfortable here, more so than any…we’ve owned 6 homes in the past 25 years and this community is more that we feel we’re a part of something.  And we’re very happy, were very comfortable, we’re much more involved. It’s very safe; people are very friendly, very lovely. It’s close to everything you could ever think of.  Restaurants shopping schools parks for dogs parks for kids and it’s just very pretty it’s a very comfortable lovely place to live. 

Oak Park is Known for Its Front Porch Rooms...

KrisztinaWelcome to Krisztina’s “One Minute Home Tips!” - Lines between indoors and outdoors have blurred immensely.  Outdoor decorating becomes much more important. Front porch rooms are becoming more popular. They should reflect the ambience of your home and the neighborhood. If you’re spending time out here, make sure you put your comfort high on your list. For greenery, you should consider sun vs shade and the color of your home. Consider hidden coolers, tables and other amenities. Add lights, and don’t forget extra seating for your neighbors, if you like to entertain. I’m Krisztina Neglia, thanks for spending a minute with me. 

There Are Many Things You Can Do With Your Small, Private Backyard Space...

Krisztina: Welcome to Krisztina’s one minute home tips. Keep your décor simple if you make it too busy it will over mount the space

Marie: Make it your own personal space find something that whether it be wrought iron or wicker and work from there.  Keep your patio furniture fairly small but still comfortable. Rather than going with a Chaise lounges use individual chairs around a nice table.

Krisztina: Mirrors are a great way to extend your space , add interest and bounce back light.

Marie: Particularly if it’s a fenced yard, incorporate a nice mirror and put a piece of lattice work over it so its not glaring and the birds don’t hit it when they’re flying.

Krisztina: Water features will add ambience, but keep it simple.

Marie: Especially in a backyard that’s very small. You can do raised beds so that it’s easier to maintain keeps the soil in.

Krisztina: Don’t forget about winter storage when you buy your furniture you don’t want it ruined after the first season.

Marie: And keep it personal. Don’t get caught up in trends. 

Check Out Oak Park's Newcastle Model...

Krisztina: Welcome to 71 Glen Ashton drive. This property is located in River Oaks, and a smaller sub area is Oak Park. This is the Newcastle model. It’s one of the most popular models, not as many of them around in Oakville, and the layout is very versatile…You will see, come on in!

This is the Newcastle model, most people like this layout because it is very versatile. Right now the owners set it up only as a sitting room. However in the builder’s model you have the dining room located in here where the chandelier would be and they had a sitting room set up.

The kitchen again, gives you different options for different setups. So the kitchen, family room and actually breakfast room is very versatile as well. In this occasion we have a big dining room set up. How the builders set it up, they had a smaller chair situated here. The breakfast area was situated on the delight, and this was a family room area and they had a TV on top of the fireplace. So again, you can set it up the way it suits your personality and needs.

The kitchen is quite convenient if you’re entertaining. It’s great to have some high bar stools. It’s fantastic when you have company over, people can surround you, you don’t feel out of the room. You can entertain, serve and have orders.

Let me show you upstairs – Second floor has a large family room. Some people break it down into a little family room and an office area. Then the laundry room is located on the second floor conveniently from the two bedrooms, the kid’s rooms, and there is a four piece bathroom.

This is a fantastic room, it’s truly a treat, you have his and her closet.; A very decent size room that you can break down as a bedroom and sitting or reading room. Then you have a large four piece separate shower and soaker tub bath.

I love these little backyards, they’re not too big, but the maintenance is very low. It;’s fantastic for entertaining and you still have enough space if you have dogs or kids for grass. Plenty of room for a hot tub or cabana area, or if you  do lots of entertaining outside you can break it down to a sitting and dining area.

The other unique option in this area as well is that you have a 2 car garage and the garage is a little bit deeper than some of the older constructions so you can actually fit an extended cab pickup truck.  

Check Out Oak Park's Richmond Model...

Krisztina: Welcome to 94 Littlewood Drive - The main area is Oak Park, fantastic family neighborhood. This home is the Richmond Model elevation b because we have brick covering on the siding. Come on in, let me show you around.  This is the popular Richmond model. This model is very versatile. Originally the builder set up the dining room/living room combination. But you can adjust it to your taste. These have just been installed especially for the new purchaser. We made sure we matched the hardwood to the kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen is a very good size combined with a breakfast area family room. Great for entertaining, I have the same model. I have lots of people hanging out and waiting for their cocktails. The kitchen cabinets are also upgraded. Number one is the material, number 2 the under cabinet lighting and number three is the corner panel with the glass.

This models kitchen is a little larger than some of the semis or even some of the smaller detached homes, so it’s a little bit easier to work in and of course you will have more kitchen cabinets. The closet is versatile as well you can use it as a pantry or anti closet from the back.

You can change the layout it’s very similar to the Newcastle that we just featured last week. You can turn it into a dining room, a sitting area, or other feature here. We have a fireplace and an entertaining nook over top of the fireplace that was an upgrade from the builder. Summer is over now, the winter is coming, this will make it more cozy and friendly to entertain in this area.

This is the second floor family room, it’s a fantastic area. The owners added a fireplace and some built-in shelving, so it makes it even easier to organize and entertain. You can break it down to a sitting area and an office space if you need it, or fantastic area for the kids to play.

The second floor laundry room is a great option as well. I have it in my home, and I love it. We have the four piece bathroom servicing the two smaller bedrooms. This is a very versatile room. Some of my clients set it up as a home office, or reading room, but it sufficiently will fit a queen size bed with two tables, so lots of people setting it up as a guest bedroom or additional bedroom if you have two kids. It has a larger sliding door closet; you can fit quite a bit of clothes in there, especially if you have closet organizers.

This kids room actually has a walk in closet. Very few models come with the walk in closet. This is the master bedroom, it’s a fantastic face. You are further away from the nice of the entertainment area. And my favorite part: it has two walk in closets. If you know me, I love my clothes and shoes; this sufficiently takes care of that.

This is a four piece ensuite as well with a soak bath tub. The room size is wide and it’s a great space. In this bathroom we actually have replaced the light fixture and added a pot light, this is a great space for built-in shelving.

I love the layout of the powder room, when you’re entertaining, it’s not opening right into the entertainment space. 

This basement is semi-finished. We have two different areas, again you can utilize it for an additional family room, rec room, or additional bedroom. It’s already boarded up, electrical wiring is in, and you just have to complete the ceiling, hotlines and of course the finishing touches. You have a built-in for a gas fireplace and a little entertaining nook for a TV.

Let me show you outside. The backyard is smaller; however it’s fantastic for entertaining. Its versatile, you can use it for sitting, dining or combined use. The owner spent quite a bit of money on the stonework and landscaping in this home. Privacy is a huge bonus here, not like others when you’re looking right into somebody’s backyard.

Don’t forget about the double car garage.  You can fit two SUV’s; the garage is a little deeper than most and it definitely suits the two vehicles. Parking is from the laneway, enter and you can get into your two car garage.  Plenty wide for two vehicles; the snow removal is done by the city and that’s included in the property taxes, garbage pickup is from here as well so the streetscape is never destroyed by garbage or recycle boxes.


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