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Frequently Asked Questions Part 1:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to pre-qualify for a mortgage?

It ensures you are looking in your realistic, affordable price range. If you are looking at more expensive properties, you may set your expectations higher than your budget. It also helps at the negotiating table – if you are competing on offers, or if the property is very hot, if your Agent can disclose that you are pre-qualified and that your financing is in order, your offer will stand stronger.

Why should I use a Real Estate Agent vs. For Sale By Owner?

1. Many home insurance policies will not cover Open House type scenarios done by the owner.
2. It is difficult for a Buyer to look at your home objectively or effectively without a neutral third party such as a Real Estate Agent.
3. You could lose a sale due to a personality conflict with the Buyer.
4. You want only qualified Buyers at the table – it is a Real Estate Agent’s job to pre-qualify their Buyers and disclose this to the Seller.

Why should I hire an Area Specialist to list my home?

An Area Specialist will know your market and the homes in your area. They will bring in more potential Buyers and provide better valuation of your home. 

When should I consider a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

It is important if your home is older – that way you can fix any issues before you list. It is also important if you are participating in multi-offers – you don’t want any conditions standing between you and a firm deal. 

Should I do a Home Inspection when I buy?

I always encourage Buyers to put in a Home Inspection as a condition in the agreement. You need to understand if you have minor or major issues with the home. Are they fixable? Do you need to amend your offer? Or do you need to walk away?

What other Inspections should I consider as a Buyer?

This is always area and property dependent.

If the home has a pool and it is closed or lacking documentation, you will want a Sonar Pool Inspection which may reveal cracks in the foundation.

If the home is in a termite prone area, you will want a Termite Inspection which may reveal structural issues.

If it is a rural property, you may consider water or soil testing.

If the home is older, you may want it qualified by a Certified Electrician.

If the home has an older, wood-burning fireplace, you may want a Chimney Inspection.

Why do I need a sign on my front lawn?

People drive around neighbourhoods, scouting for new listings. This is your 24/7 advertising board directing people to your Agent and Open Houses. The sign is not only marketing for your Real Estate Agent, it is marketing for the area – showing that houses are selling and selling in volume.

Why do I need a lock box?

The best time to show a home is when you are not there. You need showing Agents to have access to your home. Agents schedule showings for their Buyers together, by area. If your home is unavailable, they may not come back. A missed showing is a potential lost offer.

Why can’t we try selling at a higher price (above my Agent’s estimate of Fair Market Value), at least for the first 2 weeks?

You have to price your property at Fair Market Value for the first 2 weeks because this is when you have the most activity. If you overprice your property when the listing is new and exciting, many Agents may not even bother to show it, and you will not only lose Buyers, you may end up with price reductions below Fair Market Value to encourage Agents to give your property another try!

Why does my home need to be available at all times for showings in the first 2 weeks?

The most important time to sell your house quickly and at full asking is the first 2 weeks. During this time, you want to attract as many showings as possible. If this is difficult for you, you might even consider vacating the property during this time. My favourite time to sell a property is when Clients are on vacation – there is no disruption to the showing state and we can even accept showings outside the regular time frame.

Why do I need to be out of my home for Open Houses and Showings?

Buyers want to picture themselves in the home. You are a distraction. They also want to be able to freely discuss the home – both positives and negatives – with their Agent.

I’ve had lots of showings and no offers. Why?

It means your house is overpriced. For a well-priced, well-staged home, 30 Showings = 1 Good Offer (on average).

I haven’t had any showings. Why?

Your Agent has not done the proper marketing…or the house is over-priced vs. market area comparables…or your photos are not doing your house justice…or your staging is unappealing. Or some combination thereof.

Why shouldn’t I cancel Second Showings?

Second Showings are important – it means you are 1 step closer to a deal because you are now on a Buyer’s shortlist. A cancelled Second Showing may mean a lost deal.

Why should we have showings outside of the Open House hours on the same day?

During my weekends, I schedule showings with my Buying Clients before and after I host an Open House for my Listing Clients. I start my day at 9am and sometimes do not finish until after 9pm. It is crucial to allow hard-working Agents the opportunity to view your homes outside of the Open House hours!!

Why can’t we cancel showings, just for a weekend?

If you are not allowing showings for a full 24 hours, our by-laws state that your listing may be cancelled or suspended, as a listing MUST be consistently available for showings. If you cannot show your property due to illness or other, talk to your Agent and they can problem-solve. Do not just refuse showings. A home that lists as Active/Suspended/Active/Suspended turns off Buyers.

Why do I need to depersonalize my home for selling?

You need a neutral space where potential Buyers can visualize themselves. Photos, trophies, diplomas, personalized artwork…HIDE THEM!!

Why do I need to leave all the lights on?

A brighter home shows bigger and is more inviting. Turn on all the lights (even the overhead ones) and open your blinds and shutters.

Why do I have to clear my kitchen countertops?

Clear countertops look larger. Cluttered countertops make people think you are lacking cupboard space.

Why do I have to depersonalize my fridge?

It looks cleaner and shows brighter. No kids’ artwork, and no magnets!!It looks cleaner and shows brighter. No kids’ artwork, and no magnets!!

Why shouldn’t I cook with strong odours during the selling cycle?

You may turn off potential Buyers. Smell is a very strong sense and can permeate the entire home. So easy on the garlic – you might lose that deal!

Why do I have to remove my pets for Showings and Open Houses?

Not everyone loves animals. You may turn Buyers off. Your Agent will disclose that you have pets, but we don’t need to see them!

Why do I need to hide pet bowls and beds?

This creates clutter. You don’t need to advertise that you have pets.

Why do I have to clean up outdoor pet waste – even in winter?

Pet poop is ugly…and stinky. A Buyer will wonder what else you do not keep clean. Also, fix the pee burns on the lawn!!

Why should I organize my closets for Showings?

Buyers cannot open drawers, but closets are fair game – they will be opened and checked for space. A well-organized closet will show as a bigger space and be more inviting.

Why are bathroom mirrors and glass shower doors so important?

The cleanliness of bathroom glass is a reflection of how clean the home is. Remember, clean toothpaste spatter daily during showings! Also, remove counter clutter – it will only tell a Buyer that you are short of space.

Why should I make my bed when there are no showings?

Please make your bed every day during the selling cycle, including decorative pillows. Showings can happen at a moment’s notice.

Why do I need to set up the backyard off-season?

You always want to create a pretty picture. Buyers will visualize their summer in the backyard.

If I’m selling, why open the pool?

A sparkling blue pool sells homes faster. Period. A closed pool invites questions.


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