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A native of Hungary, Krisztina grew up in several different countries including Germany, Egypt and Australia as she relocated with her entrepreneurial father who served as an Independent Advisor and long-term Business Planner for major companies such as IBM and BMW.   During this time Krisztina learned to speak both German and Italian. From this exposure to and understanding of different cultures, Krisztina returned to Budapest as a well-rounded 13-year-old looking for a challenge which she found in the sport of Kayaking.  Pursued through her teen years, Krisztina achieved Olympic Team Member status which enabled her to compete in world-class events around the globe. Unfortunately, Hungary joined the 1984 L.A. Olympics boycott, and she was never able to compete at the Olympic level.

Krisztina then re-channeled her energy into higher education, earning a double degree from the prestigious Eotvos Lorard University in Budapest – one in general teaching with a psychology major and the second in art history with a 15-19C Italian Oil Painting Techniques major. Through her studies she became involved in the restoration process of the Medici Library and the Cistine Chapel and was given personal credit for discovering the cleaning solution additive successfully used in the restoration technique of the red pigments. Always with an interest in the psychological development of children, she wrote her thesis on “Problematic Children Through Elementary School” and spent many hours administering IQ tests, personality tests and classroom behaviorial analysis tests to school-age children. Through this testing Krisztina learned that problematic behaviour often stemmed from unchallenged intellect, and was thus inspired to earn a teaching degree. With her Masters Degree in Fine Arts and a Teaching Degree with a psychology major, Krisztina landed a position teaching 6-10 year-olds at Kosziuszko Tade in Budapest. She later parlayed that into a position as Professor at Eotvos Lorard University and became the youngest ever professor to teach at that institution.

To expand her credentials and enable her to teach in a second language, Krisztina made the daring decision to move to Canada alone in 1989 to learn the English language. The allure of Canada grew for Krisztina as she successfully launched and managed her own Art Restoration business. She also began picking up work as a Background Performer in film and television. As the Canadian film industry boomed, she saw an opportunity to pursue a second business as an Extras Casting Director. Within a year, she was considered one of the top 3 Extras Casting Directors in Canada, attracting the eye of big-budget American features such as Skulls, Urban Legends 2, Wes Craven presents Dracula 2000 and American Psycho 2 as well as television series including The Eleventh Hour, Puppets Who Kill and the prestigious Paul Gross-led Slings & Arrows.

Krisztina’s vision and drive to grow and succeed led her to some other entrepreneurial ventures, including one aimed at building young girls’ self esteem (‘Fairygyrl’) and another in the dog accessory market (‘Fetch, Howard’). These ventures helped hone her business skills, computer knowledge, cold calling techniques, sales pitches, understanding of marketing, research proficiency, sourcing expertise and budgeting abilities - all skills she continues to use effectively in her present career as a Real Estate Agent. Certified in late 2003, Krisztina has become a top Agent for RE/MAX Realty Specialists. She has consistently been named to the prestigious RE/MAX Platinum Club and is in the top 3% of Agents for her large Mississauga-based RE/MAX Brokerage. Within her Brokerage, she is a regular contributor to the education of new Agents with her “Super Succeed” seminars on ‘Farming’ and ‘Objection Handling’. Krisztina was also named as a panelist and Keynote Speaker for the 2011 Fall Connect meeting of all RE/MAX Agents from the Eastern Provinces and Ontario where she will speak on ‘Internet Marketing’.

In 2011, Krisztina decided to increase her ability to serve her clients by expanding her Team, adding Agents Jennifer Patterson (in Mississauga) and Tammy Dubreuil (in Milton), with Cathy Braun continuing to serve as her Office Manager and the Team’s backup Agent in the field. Krisztina’s time is now spent managing, educating and training her team while focusing her sales efforts on the Oakville market, specializing in the North Oakville area where she lives. And when she’s not racing from appointment to appointment, you can probably find her at the stables, riding Stoli or at home in Oak Park loving her Bengal cats Szuma and Tomi.


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