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Be careful what you wish for...A few days ago I put out to the universe that I needed a break!! I was getting tired. A little overworked. Overwhelmed. I needed a break!! And I got it back in spades. Three breaks and a break from work. Don't panic but...I was kicked by a horse (not my own). Completely my fault. Should have known better (and listened to the trainer) - I walked behind her as she was establishing herself with the 'new boy in town' Wasabi. (Wasabi is my new horse that I have invested in with my trainer...Stoli is still my number one boy though!!) So Wasabi arrived on Wednesday...and I ended up in the hospital later that day. I blocked the kick with both my hands (good reflexes!) but they paid the price big time. Surgery last night - wires in both pinkies, knuckles and bones realigned. Good news - I should be back riding in 3 weeks!! I will be out for the long weekend (which I had pretty much already booked off!), but that's it. My girls will be picking up the slack and I will be at work, albeit in a limited capacity. I can't drive. Can't eat a hamburger. Can't stage. Can't feed the dog. Can't put out Open House signs. Can't do laundry. Can't cook. (Can't even open the fridge right now!!) But the brain is working fine and the rest I'll figure out - no worries!

So moral of the story - when you put things out into the universe, phrase them very very carefully!!