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Why Our Services Are Worth It

Recently The Globe and Mail ran an article entitled “Get the Most Bang For Your Bungalow”. It had some points I agreed with and others I didn’t regarding your search for a Real Estate Agent (and why some people spend more time considering a TV purchase), but what got my blood boiling was one of the responses run in the Letters to the Editors from a retired Real Estate Agent. His main point seemed to be that over the years, housing costs have doubled and newspaper advertising is becoming obsolete, but Real Estate Agents have failed to pass along these savings to consumers and so it is natural people would turn toward Discount Brokerages or For Sale by Owner. In his discussion of technology cutting out middlemen, he refers to Netflix/On Demand/Blockbuster, Expedia/Travel Agents and Amazon/Books. Commodities. They are all commodities. Your home cannot be looked at as a fixed price commodity. Every neighbourhood is its own small niche market and it is our job to keep on top of research, trends, mortgage rates etc. And unlike the days when an Agent’s costs were business cards, signs and newspaper ads, today is a whole new world. Now on my radar – kickass website design, Search Engine Optimization contracts, ongoing web support, marketing mailers, video production and staging materials. Not to mention Realtor and Licensing Fees and Community Newspaper Advertising Fees. (And as for the days of newspaper ads only and no staging – I think the life of a Real Estate Agent might have been a bit easier, but it sure wouldn’t have been as exciting, challenging or interesting) In this new world, Real Estate Agents have to be true entrepreneurs in marketing, they have to be qualified and well-supplied in staging and they must be well-versed in the costs of renovations. And at the end of the day, a Real Estate Agent can sell your home because they know the market, because they have built relationships with other Agents and potential Buyers and because they know how to upgrade and stage your property. In fact, I believe Staging has become so important in today’s market that it can mean a price difference of thousands of dollars, and sometimes be the difference between ‘No Deal’ and ‘Sold’. (I believe it’s so important that my next few videos will be devoted to this topic!) As long as people require excellent customer service, I believe my job is safe and I believe I work hard for and deserve the commission