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Savvy People Hire A Oakville Realtor For Their Home Needs

Nowadays, the housing market is volatile and it’s risky to walk through it alone. This is the reason why smart homebuyers and sellers find the need to hire a realtor. While the home buying process may look exciting, it’s tiresome and emotionally draining. By having a realtor help you with the home buying or selling process, you can concentrate on your job or projects without worry. People who are moving into a new location find it convenient to hire a local realtor who is familiar with the demographics of that location. If you’re thinking of buying or selling your home, you stand to benefit more by hiring a realtor to handle the process.

Local Market Insight

Realtors have in depth insight into the local real estate market. A realtor could provide you with the true market value of your home. If you priced your home above the market value, it may remain in the market longer than expected. This could have various consequences such as buyers could think that your house has a problem or you could incur additional expenses.


The realtor’s full time job is to act as an intermediary between you and the buyers or sellers. Realtors are members of the local real estate board, so they have access to properties listed by other agents. Therefore, your realtor could narrow down the homes that meet your criteria and make appointments for you to view them. The realtor works within your schedule which saves you time and the hassle.

Realtors are Experts

After having lived in your home for years, it’s likely to develop defects in some areas. These defects no matter how simple they seem could be a turn off for buyers. Your realtor can point out the areas that need improvements to ensure maximum profit. These improvements can range from a simple painting job to renovations and de-cluttering.

Efficient Marketing Tools

If you are selling your home, you have a single chance of making a first impression. Home owners could list your property on, where it stands a better chance of getting the perfect buyer. Realtors use professional photography to get the attention of most online buyers. While you may think it’s ideal to list your home in the website with the highest traffic, there are other factors that need to be considered. A realtor who is familiar with the market knows which options will work and those that will not.

Prescreening of Potential Buyers

A realtor will perform prescreening to ensure that only serious buyers get to view the house. This saves valuable time and prevents incidences of burglary. The realtors will also check if the buyer is pre-approved and he or she can actually afford the house.

A Realtor is an Expert Negotiator

Real estate negotiation require skill and in depth market knowledge. Realtors are experts and have gone through the home buying and selling process for many years. Realtors work in your best interest to help you get the best deal.

Helps to Avoid Lawsuits

Real estate transactions involve signing of various contracts. These contracts are long and complex and if not properly worded or accurate, could expose you to legal ramifications. Your realtor reviews the contract to make sure that certain conditions have been included. In case an issue emerges, your realtor works with the buyer to find a solution to the problem. An experienced realtor makes it his work to identify cases which could arise later and take the necessary steps in ensuring the level of liability is reduced. He or she makes sure the closing process proceeds smoothly.

Your realtor will advise you on disclosure laws. He or she will point out defects that need to be disclosed to the buyer. Failure to disclose defects could have you pay damages to the buyer which could add up to thousands of dollars.

Value Driven Service

Realtors are members of associations which are governed by a code of ethics. In any circumstance, they are required to act in your best interest and not theirs. Realtors depend on referrals to build their networks so they’ll make sure you are pleased with their services.

During the home buying and selling process, a huge sum of money is at stake. It pays to have a professional real estate agent help you with the process.