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Maintaining Your Home

You've just bought your first home and are settling in nicely. You've counted all your pennies and written some really big cheques to pay for it, so that's going to be it for spending now, right? Maybe not.

Here is a list of items in your home that it's best to spend a little bit of money on now to maintain so that you don't end up having to pay a lot to replace them later!

1) Wooden window frames: adding character, needing care! If you have wooden window frames, paint them every two years. If you don't, rain and snow can creep inside and rot the wood completely, which means you'll have to replace the windows entirely.

2) Take it from the top: pay attention to your roof! If your home inspector tells you you need to replace your roof now, it's best to listen. Typically, roofs are simply reshingled, but in cases where the roof is not replaced in time, it may mean you'll need to replace the roof deck (all the wood underneath the shingles) due to water damage and rot, which will cost much more than a reshingling job!

3) Your furnace and your air conditioning unit need a little love! You can keep your furnace and air conditioning unit for years past their counterparts simply by keeping them in a fixed maintenance routine. Many companies offer a yearly maintenance contract with two scheduled visits a year. Doing the maintenance on contract is much cheaper than calling a technician out for two separate visits twice a year. Don't forget to change your filters a few times a year!

4) Foundation cracks: get them now! Foundation cracks in the basement floor are typically no big deal. It's when the cracks are crawling up the walls that you have to pay attention. Always keep track of the cracks in your foundation. The rule of thumb is if they grow past the width of two quarters, it's time to have them sealed.

5) Grading: you want your property to slope away from your house! If your house has settled so far into the ground that water pools around your foundation, it's time to get your grading corrected.

6) Leaky faucets, leaky toilets, caulking around tubs and sinks: small fixes, big returns! Leaks need to be addressed quickly and are usually simple and cheap to repair. Plus you'll save money on your next water bill! It's very important to seal those tiny little edges around your sinks and tubs to protect your kitchen and bathrooms's that word again...water. Once water gets down between the sink and the counter, or the tubs and the surround, you have trouble. So buy a tube of caulking and start fixing those edges.

7) Humidity: it's a year-round thing! If you have hardwood in your home it's important to have sufficient humidity in your home in winter to avoid the cracking and separation of hardwood, as well as squeaky floors.