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January Kicked My A#@

Whew!!! In my 8 years of selling Real Estate in the Oakville area, I have NEVER been as busy as I was this past January. I went 25 straight days without a day off, often working late into the night. (For the record, I believe in days off for re-energizing and regeneration – and I made sure Tammy and Jen took days off…however…)
I recognized this peak in business as a sort of a 9th inning blast tacked onto last year - as I still side with the expert economists when they say the 2012 Real Estate Market will be more balanced than in recent years past – and I also recognize that the TD Bank’s offer of 2.99% 5 Year Closed  Mortgage offer (with a firm deal by February 28 and a closing by the end of May) had a lot to do with the atypical activity. ***NEWS ALERT*** TD HAS PULLED THIS OFFER EARLY. IF YOU ACT QUICKLY, I STILL MAY BE ABLE TO CONNECT YOU WITH A SIMILAR DEAL***

This is an outstanding offer and is the lowest rate offer in history for a Closed Mortgage. That being said, I dug in and said “Who needs sleep anyway?”…and just kept going. Kind of like the EverReady Bunny. Many Buyers who were on the fence as inventory dwindled got the shot of adrenaline they needed and made their move. It was absolute mayhem at times with multi-offers on many properties and I completed as many deals as I typically complete in 4 months!

It was exhausting. It was amazing. It was rewarding. It was crazy!! I personally worked on 4 multi-offers. And I even had 2 properties with back-up offers, which almost never happens. (For the record, a back-up offer is made when a Client wants the property so badly that they do ALL commitments for a deal with the hope that the accepted offer falls apart.) It’s now February and business is still steady, but I’m planning a day off here and there!!