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If You Don't Hire An Oakville Realtor Today - You Will Hate Yourself Tomorrow

Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, so it makes sense to hire an experienced realtor to help you with the home buying and selling process. Some homeowners choose to sell on their own with the mistaken belief that they are saving money on commission. Unknown to them, most of them are exposing themselves to serious legal ramifications caused by simple mistakes. With the volatile state of the real estate market, it’s hard for an average home seller or buyer to keep up with the unexpected market shifts. Still not convinced? Here are reasons as to why you may need a realtor.

Dealing with Buyers or Sellers is a Hassle

If you’re buying a house on your own, you’ll have to deal with multiple phone calls. In addition to this, you’ll waste a lot of time moving around looking for homes that meet your criteria. The same applies to home sellers, you could get phone calls from potential buyers who want to view your home but fail to show up. You also need to make appointments and answer several questions. A realtor acts as a liaison between you and buyers hence he or she will save you the hassle.

Negotiating is Tricky

Most people think direct negotiation between the buyer and seller allows both parties to present their interests in the best light possible. The buyer-seller relationship is not always easy. It’s difficult to express your concerns when you are directly dealing with a seller. By using a realtor, he or she can convey all your concerns to the seller without causing too much trouble which could kill the deal.

There is too much Paperwork

Home buying and selling involves a lot of paperwork. The contracts are long, complex and if you don’t know what is required in the contracts, you could end up exposing yourself to serious legal ramifications. A realtor knows which conditions need to be included for your protection. When it comes to disclosure of defects, an unintended omission could cost you up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in court proceedings. A realtor helps to pin point the defects and if any issues emerge after the transaction, he or she will represent you and find solutions to the problems.

You Lack Local Market Insight

You’re not an expert in buying and selling of houses and you definitely don’t have some vital information regarding the real estate market. As such, you could potentially lose a lot of money by setting a lower price than the true market value. If the price is too high, your home could stay in the market for longer than expected. Most buyers would not view homes that have stayed on the market for a long time because they think they could have problems.

Whether it is for your own convenience, assisting in negotiation and paper work, the benefits of hiring a realtor cannot be underestimated. Make sure you chose a qualified real estate agent to maximize on profits.