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Diary of a Happy Agent

Okay, so I realize that ‘Frustrated Agent’ Blog was a bit on the grumpy side, so I thought I’d follow it up with some of my better experiences. The best Client to me is the Client who understands they are hiring me for my expertise. They listen to my advice and know that I have their best interests at heart. 71 Glenashton comes to mind. We had to overcome the closeness to a busy road so the house had to be in perfect shape. And the Client made sure it was. They touched up paint, moved furniture, removed the dog and never refused showings (even though they had young kids). I promised to sell the home is less than 14 days and we sold it in 12! (A typical selling cycle at the time was 2-3 weeks.) Another story comes to mind – I took over an expired listing and had to convince the Client that the home needed significant upgrades to achieve her selling price. So the Client moved forward with the work – hardwood floors, berber carpet on stairs and bedrooms, tiles in 3 bathrooms, new light fixtures and mirrors, new backsplash and full home staging. We sold the home in 10 days for a record price on the street and the Client was thrilled.

I appreciate it when Clients understand why their 4-legged friends can’t be around for Open Houses and Showings. I’ve said it before – I’m a pet lover. But not everyone is. Pets do not sell homes. (Don’t forget to remove all the traces of pets as well – pet hair on furniture & beds, pet bowls, pet beds, pet toys.) And nothing warms my heart more than when I drive by a Client’s house and see all the lights on – ready for a showing at any time! If I pop in (and I often do, just to check up or put in fresh flowers) I love it when the home smells clean, looks tidy and ALL the toilet seats are down! Staging is a crucial step of the showing process. I’ve had many Clients who have seen their space in a completely different way after I’ve staged – and preferred it!! Sometimes we remove furniture, sometimes we add. Switching a mirror or adding a light fixture can completely change a space – it’s amazing the reactions I’ve had. I even had a Client who offered to buy their new dining room set before they moved so I didn’t have to work with the old furniture! In one home, we spray painted the kitchen cabinets and removed some old carpets, then sent pictures to her daughter who didn’t believe it was the same room!

Although I often have to convince them of its usefulness, I’m happy to say when I do a first meeting sit-down with Buyers and we spend significant time letting our fingers do the walking on the computer to narrow their search for properties and find out their likes, dislikes and must-haves, Buyers are often amazed. I warn them that because of this time spent, we may find them the perfect home the first time out – and I often have!! Now that makes us both happy! It’s also great when the Client listens to me about Home Inspections. What to react to – and more importantly what not to over-react to!! And if we’re competing for a property – let’s say $5,000 stands between them and their dream house, I appreciate a Client who is level headed enough to realize that in the big scheme of things, on a 25 year amortized mortgage, $5,000 is not that much!

In the end, I don’t control the market but if it changes and we have to drop a listing price or raise a Buyer’s budget, it is the best thing in the world to have a Client who listens, understands and doesn’t blame me!