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Why Do My Listings Sell Over Other Real Estate Agents in Oak Park

thumb Many people in Oak Park are asking me why my listings sell faster than those of other agents who list properties at the same time but they continue to sit on the market...even if it's the same model.


1.  Product knowledge

Over the last ten years, I have seen virtually every listing in Oak Park.  I have even been in some homes that have never been listed.  My product knowledge is extensive.  This allows me to price the home well and to negotiate offers better because I can show examples that the other agent may not know about.  I know the features that were offered as upgrades and included by the builder.  I also know the costs of upgrades that were done after sale.  This allows me to price a product extremely well.  I can defend my pricing very well and other agents have come to understand that I don't overprice. As a result, other agents rarely bring me low ball offers.


2.  Staging and Improvements

When people are prepping for the sale of their property, I can advise them on what to upgrade and how much money to invest for a quicker sale and a solid return on investment. I caution people against “over-improving”  - it will add value to your home but you likely won't recoup all of the money spent.  I also know what buyers are looking for and the level of finishes that they will find acceptable.

In today's market, it is very important that the house is priced no higher than $5-$10K above market value or your property will sit on the market.  For example, I listed a property on Roxton which was the smallest of the 3-storey townhomes. The property had beautiful finishes.  It showed extremely well and the client listened to all of my advice.  It was sold in the first couple of days.  There was another townhome on Roxton with the same layout and a finished basement and a corner location. That Seller interviewed me before listing the home and I let him know that he could not sell his home at the price he wanted unless he did improvements.  He wanted to know which ones and I explained that once I had been hired, we would discuss that.  He didn't hire me and listed with a discount agent at a higher price, chose to make several renovations, but they were not what the buyers were looking for.  That house did not sell.

3.  Timing

Timing is almost as important as pricing because of market fluctuations.  In a matter of weeks, prices can change by $10K up or down.  Because I am so familiar with the Oak Park market and the historical rise and fall of real estate within this area, I can sense when the changes are going to happen.  Yes, there are always exceptions - a good agent has their finger on the pulse of the market and takes other factors into account as well (such as interest rate increases) to predict when a market will change.


If you have any further questions you can contact me directly.