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20 Seller Mistakes (PART 4)

12. Not Allowing Open Houses

From townhomes to properties valued at $2 million, OPEN HOUSES WORK! It is crucial to do open houses and…to take it one step further, have your agent do the open house. As your agent, they represent you and know all of the selling features of your home. I myself, within the last year, have sold 10-12 properties from open houses alone.

Having an open house is one thing…. Preparing your home for an open house is another.  Clean, de-clutter, remove your pets and vacate your home while the open house is taking place. Trust me, the benefits greatly outweigh the inconvenience.

Many clients have expressed concerns over the fact that their neighbours will use the open house to take a “sneak peak” of their home.  The ratio for a sale is 30:1 – the more traffic, the better! Neighbours may also know of potential buyers. I personally invite neighbours to open houses…they are the ones that need to live beside the new buyers!   Bottom line – the more traffic, the quicker sale!

13. Not Allowing Proper Showing Times

Within the first two weeks, it is crucial that you allow showings between 9AM – 9PM. While it may be difficult due to children, family arrangements, work schedules or pets for that matter, you need to understand that within the first 2 weeks you have the closest “list to price” offer coming in. Your house is new, exciting and freshly on the market – this is your best time to sell.

If there is difficulty arranging showings, agents or buyers may have the perception that there will be subsequent difficulties when negotiating offers. Limiting yourself on showing times could lose a sale.

I personally have had sellers actually vacate their homes during this period of time. Understanding the difficulties of juggling pets, family and work schedules, they felt that leaving their home for a period of time (albeit the cost) would be offset by a quick sale for a greater amount of money.  Perhaps you choose to vacation, stay at relatives or even book into a hotel – the inconvenience certainly can pay off.


14. Not Preparing Your Home Properly for Showings

Dirty? Smelly? Cluttered? Smoky? Any of these conditions will turn buyers off and lose the sale! 

Ask your agent to refer someone who can properly clean and prepare your home so that you are ready for showings. A small investment in cleaning can make ALL the difference!

For those who smoke… A word of caution – you will have to repaint the interior. Not only do the fumes absorb into the furniture, draperies, etc. they adhere to the paint.

Love to eat? Keep in mind, as much as the aroma of bacon, fish or ethnic spices may be heaven to you, “smelly” homes will lose the sale. Before your showings thoroughly clean your kitchen and fans and seriously think of eating out.

Dirt! Talk to your agent and hire a professional cleaning crew. While everyone maintains their homes, “your” clean may not be “show” clean.

Stay tuned for PART 5!