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Top 20 Sellers Mistakes – Part 3

9. Choosing NOT to stage your property


People do not just buy houses, they buy a lifestyle. For them it has to feel right, they should fall in love and connect with the house, which is the goal of home staging. Sellers need to tap into the buyer’s emotions to help motivate them to buy. This is the opposite of what a vacant property does. A vacant house feels dull and lifeless and you lose that emotional connection. With only floors, walls and ceiling to look at, buyers may scrutinize even the smallest flaws of the house. Outdated fixtures, stained carpeting and even nails holes and small cracks are magnified. Rooms also tend to look smaller without furniture. If your property is vacant, it is imperative to stage an empty house, particularly the main floor.

Another common mistake that a seller can make is to expect that home staging will follow their own decorating style. Sometimes the home owners taste in furniture or decorating will impede potential sales. Keep in mind, you are staging for the buyers in the area! 

Once my staging is complete, sellers often fall in love with their home again and do not want to sell! On the flip side, some sellers do not like the end result of the staging.  Be reminded, this is not your home anymore. The reason for staging your home is to create a canvas on which a wide range of buyers can visualize themselves living in the home.  Great staging reflects the location, the trends and the targeted buyers taste.

Simple proof…. I have witnessed listings that have expired as a result of not staging. Once the sellers came to me, I staged their home and it sold within a week at the same price! 

Choosing not to stage – big mistake!


10. No curb appeal

Your house gets only once chance to make a good first impression. Curb appeal is one of the most critical points in selling. The exterior of your property is often the first and last things buyers experience when looking at your home. If your home does not look appealing or inviting, you have already turned off potential buyers – fall in love at first sight – or not at all. Buyers need to picture themselves pulling into the driveway…. coming home. 

Spruce up the view of your house from the street! Old bricks? Consider stucco. Cracked driveway or uneven walkway? Fix them!  These can all be repaired at a reasonable cost. Also consider urns, new exterior light fixtures, a fresh coat of paint on the front door or a new decorative door insert for further appeal – whatever will enhance your home’s “buy me” look.  And don’t forget…discuss these changes with your agent. They will guide you in spending the right amount of dollars on your exterior.

11. Overspending on landscaping

Think of your yard as the frame around your home. Having said that, overspending on landscaping is a common seller mistake. Extensive outdoor or pool landscaping will never be recouped on resale. You can do wonders to your landscaping with trimming, edging, cutting and mulching along with the addition of some blooming flowers.  Ask your agent how much you should spend and keep in mind personal enjoyment versus the ROI on resale if you are planning to sell in a short period of time.


Stay tuned for PART 4!