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I Feel Your Pain!

So these days, I’m feeling so much more appreciation for my Clients and what they have to go through when showing their home to prospective Buyers and buying a new one. We have just completed the purchase of a new home (Yeah!)…and now the work begins. We are to be the first occupants of the new home but the second owners – so we did not make all the upgrade and finish decisions, so that comes with its own set of problems, worries, concerns, organizational ball tossing…well you get the picture!!  As for our current home on Roxton, we are leasing it out. In my world that means scrubbing to a ‘showing’ clean and staging, just as if I were selling. As the showings were sporadic it meant running home to remove the animals, making sure all the lights were on, cleaning water drops off faucets (all the time!!!) and running back and forth to the house in between conducting regular business. Like the title says – I feel your pain and it’s a good reminder for me! Moving is stressful. Cleaning. Staging. Showing. Leasing. Hiring movers. Ordering new home upgrades. Picking finishes. Choosing furniture. The move. The move in. Landscaping. Painting. Decorating. Ahhhh…the list does go on, doesn’t it. So if I have ever seemed less than empathetic to your moving stress, I apologize! I’ve been away for the last 2 weeks of August (yes, I know, no sympathy for me!!) – so I have returned rested, revived and ready to conquer the world…or at least the North Oakville Real Estate Market and my own move. By the way, if you are paying too much attention to the news about nationwide real estate price drops of 10 – 15%, DON’T FREAK OUT! Oakville and Milton consistently outperform the national averages. Watch for my next blog where I will discuss Fall predictions and trends for our neck of the woods.