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Diary of a Frustrated Agent

I contemplated calling this Blog “Stupid Questions”, but to be fair, there simply are no stupid questions. My frustrations tend to be more on the ‘failure to listen’ front – or worse, the ‘heard you, but don’t care’ front!! So let’s start with showings. It’s completely irrelevant (and none of our business) as to who is showing the property or why they are moving. (Okay, so those are questions….well…PLEASE don’t ask them!!) and showing ‘feedback’ is in the hands of the showing Agents – if they give it to me, I can pass it along within a day or so (not within an hour of the showing!!)  But, if they don’t get back to me, I can’t force the issue. As a strong Agent, I will always pass along showing feedback, no need to ask!! As for lock boxes, yes!!! Otherwise you will not sell your home as quickly, as you will lose multiple showings. (But you already knew this!!) You also know that a front lawn sign is your 24/7 advertising board which informs about Open Houses and directs potential Buyers to my website where they will find a virtual tour of your home.

Nothing irks me more than a home that is not 100% tidy for the showing period – that means no clothes left on the floor, no hair in the sink, no toothpaste spatter on the bathroom mirror, no dirty towels hanging…well you get the picture. Lights lights lights. They seem to be the bane of my existence!! Why is it so hard to put the lights on when you’re not home? Or to replace the chandelier bulb? Or to switch on the ambient lighting? Light sells homes. It makes them more appealing. People fight me on this all the time and really, in the big picture, lighting is not that expensive. The other staging musts I sometimes have to push for: decluttering the home (no, your decorating tastes are not going to sell the home), de-personalizing (no one wants to see your trophies, diplomas and family pictures) and clearing the fridge of art and magnets (no, it doesn’t make the home seem more ‘homey’). It’s times like those that you feel your Clients do not take your expertise and experience seriously. Oh, and by the way, I LOVE animals. I own 2 cats, a dog and a horse. But pets are not okay in any way, shape or form when showing a home. That means a barking dog in a cage downstairs is not okay. A cat that always ‘hides…so don’t worry’ is not okay. A chewy toy on the floor - not okay. Pet bowls in the kitchen – not okay. Pet hair on furniture or bed – not okay. My hard and fast rule for Clients and Open Houses – remove the pets. No exceptions. I’ll even supply the cat carrier!! As for the kitchen, remember that Buyers will open the kitchen cabinets – that means no hidden garbage, and no hidden compost. STINKY!! Bathrooms – no personal grooming/hygiene items or products on display and hide the kids bath toys. Fireplaces – please please please turn on the pilot light even if it’s summer. Men: hide the multiple remote controls! Backyards – clean them up. Depending on the season, shovel, rake or mow!! And most of all, please put your trust in me. If I truly believe that a $2,000 investment in upgrades will net you $10,000 more in your pocket, I will fight for it…I will fight for your best interests!!

And also important - prepping your home so that I can stage the property - CLICK HERE to see my latest video on that topic!!