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My Team Approach

I am often asked why I decided to expand my business and create a Team. The honest answer is burnout. There’s a delicate tipping point between a really hard-working Agent and a cranky Agent!! Rejuvenation is the key to high performance. I find it is the same as when I was training as an Olympic-level athlete – my body needed time off to regenerate and build muscle in order to compete at the highest level. And so does the mind! Downtime is the only way to keep sharp, get better and stay even-keeled. So when I am on vacation or a day off, I want to be able to turn off all devices – and the only way I could possibly achieve that is to have people backing me up who can take care of my Clients at the same level as I would. It is also crucial that they be compatible with me knowledge-wise and ethics-wise. Having Cathy manage the front lines of the office gives me a great deal of confidence, and now, having Jen and Tammy – specializing in different areas, but backing me up when necessary – completes the peace of mind. It was also important to expand my area of specialization to better serve my Clients on both the buying and selling end. Now, with my Team, I am able to serve them in Toronto, Mississauga, Milton, Burlington and of course, Oakville and the Client can be confident that they are receiving expertise in the area and honest hard-working representation. It is my hope and my intent that the Agents who work for me are a reflection of me. It is important for the Clients to know that I always have my Team’s back, that I oversee every deal and that I have the ability and wherewithal to step in when things get tough. It’s not a coincidence that our business cards and signs show the individual on the front and the team on the back. We’re always there for each other, backing each other up. Real Estate is a tough business. Sometimes there are tough Clients and tough deals. As a team, we see each other through the tough times and re-energize ourselves.


The best thing about a Team? I ALWAYS have representation for my Clients, trained by me with lines of communication fully open. I am able to manage more listings at once. I have peace of mind knowing that someone from my Team can be available to help me with Staging or an Open House or a Showing or a Home Inspection. And of course it gives me more ‘Me Time’. And an added bonus that I didn’t foresee - through training Jen and Tammy, I continue to give myself ‘refresher’ courses!! And then there’s the competitive aspect – the girls want to see and compare their activities to my activities, so I drives me to perform at my very best!! What can I say? Win win!!