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Is RE/MAX Still the Best Realtor to Work With?


Re/Max Oakville

RE/MAX is easily one of the most respected and recognized names in real estate. But are they as good as advertised? Yes!

With offices in most cities, RE/MAX has helped thousands of people find the ideal properties.  


Krisztina Neglia is a RE/MAX agent who is familiar with Oakville’s real estate market. She has helped people buy and sell different types of properties. She has sold a number of residential, waterfront and commercial properties. Choosing an agent who has knowledge of the area’s pricing and buyers’ preference is very important.

She is an expert in dealing with expired listings and has helped expired listing clients sell successfully. Expired listings are often caused by the agent’s unfamiliarity with the listing area. I

Here are some benefits of using an experienced real estate agent:

Familiarity with the Location

Agents are familiar with the areas they operate in and understand what you want. If you don’t see what you want, they’ll look around and advise you of other possible choices. They have extensive knowledge of facilities close to the area such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls and transportation. 

Value Assessment of the Property

Agents are experts at assessing the value of any property that you’re selling or buying. They’ll advise you to help you make wise investments decisions. Agents assess various market elements such as demand, supply, market conditions, and type of property and location.

Negotiates on Your Behalf

Agents negotiate with the seller using various statistics such as the time the property has been on the market, sales price and state of the current market.

Saves Time and Effort

Agents know your buying power so they’ll help you sort out affordable homes and arrange a specific time for viewing. This will prevent you from wasting time viewing homes that aren’t exactly what you’re looking for.

Safeguards Your Legal Rights

Once you’ve listed your property for sale or surveyed a property for purchase, the agent will start working with you to protect your rights. They make things easier by handling paperwork linked to sale.

Provides Investment Advice

Your agent is familiar with the market. Therefore, they can give you advice based on current market trends. For example, if you’re selling property and there is a likelihood that the price will increase in the future, they may advise to hold it and later sell at a higher price. If you are buying, they can advise on the right time to buy.

Maintains the Property’s Earning Potential

In the case of leasing, the agent oversees the management of the property while ensuring that it is well maintained. They choose the best tenants for the premises and ensure that rent is paid in time. They handle other issues related to the property such as arranging repairs and providing annual statements of rent collected and expenses paid.