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A Note on Staging

A Note On Staging:

Everyone has heard about staging from watching TLC, HGTV, A&E and reading about it in various newspapers and magazines. But do you really know what staging entails? So many times I hear sellers say, "We could do that, but I just don't think it's going to matter." The reality is it DOES matter. The next few points will walk you through some important parts of staging:

1. De-clutter & De-Personalize:

Buyers need space and they need to be able to envision themselves and their family in the home. For that to happen, you need to get your clutter out of the way. Pack away family photos, anything that's branded with your name, all of your out of season clothing (so closets are only half full), half the books on your bookshelves, everything on the fridge, anything on window sills. It doesn't take as long as you might think and the returns are huge.

2. Clean, Clean and Clean Some More:

I'm talking about every nook and cranny, every square inch of floor, even under furniture and behind the appliances. Clean the slats of blinds, door knobs, light switches and anything that's been neglected over your time in the home. People need to feel comfortable in the home to be able to picture themselves living there. Most people can't see past dirt and grime and if the home is left dirty, the number of buyers you get and the people who will want to put an offer on your home will diminish significantly. So clean like you’ve never cleaned before! If you can't do it yourself, hire someone who will go over your home with a fine-tooth comb.

3. Paint:

Paint is one of the cheapest and best ways to get your home ready for sale. A fresh coat of paint (in neutral colours, of course) makes the home appear fresh and clean. With a neutral decor, buyers can more easily picture their things in the home, instead of being distracted by many different colours. 

4. Minor Repairs (change light bulbs, fill holes, repair screens, clean up exterior):

Take the time to fix the little things: a cracked outlet cover, a burnt out light, the caulking around the tub, or a hole in the wall. These are all small (and cheap) fixes but, if left unchanged, can distract buyers from the home's overall appearance. When buyers notice small items haven't been taken care of, they begin to worry about the big items and whether they have been taken care of, such as the HVAC unit, the roof, or cracks in the foundation. Fix the small things and allow buyers to see the greatness of the space.

5. Every Room Has a Purpose:

As I mentioned before, every nook and cranny should be clean, but those areas that need decluttering and cleaning should also have a purpose. Buyers need to be able to see how all the different rooms can be used. Help them by showing them! For example, if you have a room that is a catchall filled with random items (free weights, a mirror, boxes filled with files, luggage) pack those items away and create a bedroom with a blow up air mattress made up with crisp linens and lots of pillows. 

Following these simple steps will help you ready your home for sale. However, nothing takes the place of a knowledgeable and experienced agent. We are always available to help you decide how to best showcase your home. In fact, we think staging is so important, we've incorporated it into our marketing plan! Give us a call and let us show you how best to stage your home for top dollar.