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20 Seller Mistakes (Part 5)

thumb15. Ignoring Your Agent on Timing of Your Listing

Real estate is cyclical. As an experienced agent, I know the high and low times in every sub area within my specialty.

Within a month, there can be highs and lows – external factors that play a role could include weather, elections, summer holidays, just to name a few.

My role as your agent is to advise you on these times. I understand that you can be feeling anxious – perhaps you have already purchased a home and feel the need to sell quickly.  As an experienced agent and your trusted advisor, it is my job to position your home in order to sell it for the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Choosing to do this at an inopportune time will only lead to disappointment.

If for some reason you can not wait to sell your property, be sure to listen to your agent. The day of the week that you list your home is also very important. If you are in a position and need to list immediately, understand you may be sacrificing dollars for the sale.


16. Micro-Managing Your Agent

Leave the job to your agent! Calling your agent after every showing distracts your agent from focusing on potential buyers and their respective agents. Trust your agent to do their job!

On a regular basis, an experienced agent will set up a time to review feedback (recent feedback, new competition, etc). These discussions are a much better use of both your time and your agent’s time.

17. Not Putting Your Address on the Internet

90% of buyers begin their search on the internet. They need your address in order to view your home and your neighbourhood. Don’t think of this as an invasion of privacy. Your home is for sale and it will not be your home for long. The more potential buyers that can view your home, the better the opportunity for you to sell if quickly and for the most amount of money.

Stay tuned for PART 6!